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Expert solution : so what can cause bleeding while having sex?

Expert solution : so what can cause bleeding while having sex?

I’ve been bleeding during intercourse. An ER physician I saw said it may be cells that are precancer. I will be just wondering what can cause these cells. How come it take place, and which are the signs? I do not have gynecologist because We destroyed my insurance coverage.

Residing Well Expert Dr. Jennifer Shu Pediatrician, Youngsters’ Healthcare Group

Professional solution

Many thanks for the concern, and I also’m sorry to listen to regarding the situation. To help that is best you, I consulted with Dr. Jennifer Gunter, an ob/gyn at Kaiser Permanente in bay area, Ca, and writer of «The Preemie Primer: a whole Guide for moms and dads of Premature Babies — from Birth through the Toddler Years and past.» She shared the after information:

Bleeding after intercourse, also referred to as free porno post-coital bleeding, is just a symptom that will never be ignored as it is a danger sign of a few severe conditions.

Problems that can cause bleeding after sex include the annotated following:

1) Precancer (dysplasia) or cancer tumors associated with the cervix. Many precancers and cancers that are early not bleed, however it is extremely important to rule this down. A Pap smear is preferred, as well as for females over 30, an HPV test should really be done. HPV (the individual papillomavirus) could be the virus that creates cervical cancer tumors. Most Planned Parenthood clinics or county wellness divisions is able to do a Pap smear and HPV assessment better value than a health care provider’s workplace. In some instances, a doctor might also wish to have a scraping from inside for the cervix ( called an endocervical curettage) to rule any abnormalities out which are away from reach of this Pap smear. For students, numerous pupil wellness clinics additionally do Pap smears.

2) Women over 35 also needs to be examined for precancer and cancer tumors regarding the womb. This will include an endometrial biopsy for most women. Читать далее Expert solution : so what can cause bleeding while having sex?