Leicester City, the Unlikeliest of Winners

Much to everyone’s disbelief, the Leicester City soccer club was crowned the winner of the English Premier League Monday.
The group’s opportunities last summer were modest, to say the very least. Back then, William Hill, a British betting group, put the odds of the Foxes of Leicester City, a fledgling group located two hours north of London, of winning at 5,000-to-1. Essentially, the group had a .0002 percent chance of being the best team in the league of 20. Except for the 25 people who bet a combined total of just $243 on the group through William Hill, nobody expected this from Leicester City.
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Here is some perspective: William Hill once place the odds of Elvis being found alive and well at 2,000-to-1 and an acknowledgment from the U.S. government the first moon landing was faked at 500-to-1.
And a few more perspective, from ESPN:
Not merely did the Foxes have a 13-game winless run last year, but they were just six points out of being relegated to a lower level of competition. Leicester City was not even in the Premier League two decades ago. The club earned marketing to England’s top soccer league starting in the 2014-15 season for the first time in ten years.
In the world of overused sports tropes, declaring a success»among the greatest upsets ever» is a sin that is common. But in this circumstance, this really is the biggest upset in modern sports history.
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