NFL Over Under Betting — What is Over Under Betting?

Over Under Betting is your 2nd most popular type of NFL betting behind spread betting. Over Under Betting is also known as»Game Total Betting» and you may often find it known as either word. Beginner NFL Under Betting, once explained, but it’s very easy to learn and understand.
In Over Under Betting the oddsmakers will decide on a number of points where they think both teams will score in total throughout the entire game (like overtime if necessary). Bettors will have the ability to bet on the entire amount of points scored by both teams combined to be over or under that game complete number. For example, the number may be set at 42.5 points. If you gamble the»over» you’d need a joint 43 or more points out of both teams in order to win your bet (a 28-17 score could win you the bet). If you were to place your cash on the»below» you would require both teams to combine for 42 or less points throughout the game (a 21-17 game could win you the under bet).
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